Youthful energy that can ignite change in Kenya

August 16, 2012

Ezekiel Kemboi and David Rudisha –  They have a habit of lifting Kenya’s flag high in the midst of travel advisories, negative international press and poor governance.

David Lekuta Rudisha

People who don’t even know that Kenya is a country, know these young men because of their athletic prowess. They were part of the Kenyan contingent that went to this year’s London Olympics. The team that galvanized Kenyans of all ethnicity chanting and cheering, “Go team Kenya!”

It is wonderful to see how young people can unite a nation. Visit our entertainment scene and see how youth are able to unite the nation.

Innovative youthful entrepreneurs are creating opportunities for fellow Kenyans. The youth are hungry for knowledge, success, and stability in Kenya. It is the youth who have the most to lose if Kenya plunges into chaos because it is their inheritance. Young people must shape their future.

The numbers are in favour of the youth, as is health, momentum, time and technology. Kenya is aglow with youthful exuberance. Let’s use it wisely, let’s make it count. The old guard have done their time and should now be making room for fresh young blood by mentoring them.

Kenya, the revolution of a unified nation, a new legacy is here. There is no better time to hear this than when the general elections are beckoning. Let this revolution begin with the youth, let it begin with you. Make the prayer that is our national anthem a reality that we may dwell in unity, peace and liberty.